For Immediate Release: 05 November 20134

Two Chaired Professorships Named at OUM

As an act of gratitude for their invaluable contributions to Oceania University of Medicine and its students, the Academic Board has established the medical school’s first chaired professorships to recognize two valued faculty members.   Dr. Robert Cohn, biochemistry/basic science instructor and curriculum developer, and Dr. Mitchell Rosenberg, administrative consultant and admissions committee member, have both worked with OUM since its infancy, dedicating long hours and expertise to the school’s evolution.   

Recognizing his decade of both teaching biochemistry and developing OUM’s preclinical basic science curriculum, Robert Cohn, MD has been appointed the Albert Lehninger Professor of Biochemistry at Oceania University of Medicine.  Dr. Lehninger was one of the 20th century’s most significant mitochondrial biochemists, making fundamental contributions to the current understanding of metabolism at the molecular level.  He authored what for decades was the standard medical school biochemistry textbook, Principles of Biochemistry

Recognizing his invaluable contributions to OUM’s Admissions Committee, elevating the caliber of matriculants, while always offering sage academic advice, Mitchell Rosenberg, MD, PhD has been appointed the Henry Hyde Salter Professor of Pulmonology at Oceania University of Medicine.  Dr. Salter was the premier asthma expert of the 19th century.  Himself an asthmatic, his greatest work became the most significant asthma text of his era, On Asthma:  Its Pathology and Treatment, published when he was only 41 years old.  He is considered the father of asthmology. 

Biochemistry, Lehninger and Dr. Bob Cohn

Robert Cohn, MD
Robert Cohn, MD

An MD graduate of the Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. Cohn completed residency and research fellowship training in Biochemical Development and Molecular Diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. As a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Dr. Cohn spent 30 years directing the metabolic labs at Children’s Hospital and teaching biochemistry to medical students and fellows alike, earning numerous teaching awards throughout his tenure.

Upon retirement from Penn, Dr. Cohn was recruited to teach basic sciences in OUM’s Introduction to Medicine (ITM) program at the Harcum College affiliate campus in suburban Philadelphia before the introductory training evolved into the e-ITM. Throughout the first five years of the ITM, in addition to teaching, he worked closely with OUM faculty to strengthen and enhance the school’s basic science curriculum, an irreplaceable undertaking he continues today.

In presenting the professorships to the Academic Board, Dr. Scott Cunningham, OUM’s Chief Academic Officer identified himself as a disciple of Dr. Lehninger.

“As an undergraduate, my love for biochemistry began with my first course in which his classic text was used. His textbook, which read like an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, was the nexus for all the disjointed biology and chemistry courses I had taken previously and helped me see the light,” he said.

Numerous OUM students have felt a similar grasping of biochemistry as a result of their relationship with Dr. Cohn.

“To me, Dr. Cohn epitomizes the physician educator. He took complex topics, broke them down, and applied them to real life cases. As a result, not only did I come to understand the what, but also the why," says Dr. Jennifer Allen, OUM Class of 2012 and Chief Family Medicine Resident at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. “He is so approachable and personal. Even now, almost seven years later, I still think about him and his wife, Nancy, whom have we had the pleasure to meet numerous times.”

Asthma, Salter and Dr. Mitch Rosenberg

Mitchell Rosenberg, MD, PhD
Mitchell Rosenberg, MD, PhD

A clinical research specialist, Dr. Rosenberg is the Scientific Director of Clinical Research Phase I, II, III and IV Clinical Trials at Translational Clinical Research, LLC in suburban Miami, Florida, USA. Since the 1980s, his primary research interests have been in pulmonary medicine, largely asthma, mediators of airway reactivity/inflammation and defining dosing strategies in PK/PD clinical trials.

Dr. Rosenberg is an MD graduate of the Universidad Teclmologica de Santiago School of Medicine in the Dominican Republic with a PhD in respiratory physiology from the University of Malaga Faculty of Medicine in Spain. Before dedicating himself to the advancement of clinical research in the respiratory sciences, he completed post graduate training at some of the world’s most recognized hospitals in Boston, Massachusetts, USA -- Beth Israel Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, both affiliates of Harvard Medical School. Since 2006, Dr. Rosenberg has been an academic consultant and member of OUM’s Admissions Committee.

“As the longest standing member of OUM’s Admissions Committee, we all recognize Dr. Rosenberg’s unwavering care in reviewing application packages, and his recommendations are always valued and trusted. OUM has and continues to grow in success by having such a dedicated, conscientious, and respected physician and scientist on its team. Personally, Dr. Rosenberg is an inspiration to me as an educator and physician, and I am always pleased to work with him,” says Sarmad Ghazi, MB, ChB, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Basic Sciences who monitors the medical school’s admissions process.

“It is OUM’s hope that the establishment of these professorships and this acknowledgement of our colleagues’ contributions will inspire both students and faculty to likewise pursue the excellence in medicine and medical education that both Dr. Cohn and Dr. Rosenberg epitomize,” says Dr. Cunningham.