Meet the Student Association’s newly elected officers

Elected in May, these new OUM Student Association (OUMSA) officers are pleased to be broadening the medical school experience for the student body.

“I am thrilled to have been selected by the students as their presidential voice. I am equally proud of the other officers that were elected and look forward to implementing thoughtful student-run initiatives in the coming year with their support,” says OUMSA President Nick Lichtenberg-McGill.

Launching www.oumsaglobal.org was OUMSA’s first goal last year and it represented the student association’s first website. Their online presence had initially been a Facebook page. “The online presence of OUMSA and OUM, in general, is critical. That is why we are moving to augment our visibility online to allow others to connect with us,” says Nick, now in his second term as OUMSA President.

Nick Lichtenberg-McGill, President: Nick is a third-year student currently completing clinical rotations. He has a diverse background ranging from an honors degree in biomedical science to having founded and run multiple businesses. Nick is a member of the Australian Defence Force and will return to service as an Army Doctor (perhaps a surgeon) following graduation.


Hilary Skimming, Vice President: Hilary is a clinical pharmacist and pharmacy owner in Far North Queensland. This is her second term as OUMSA Vice President and she has completed over half her clinical rotations. Now a fourth-year student, she has done clerkships in Samoa, Australia, and the UK, with more scheduled in each of those locations – plus in India.



Natasha Dehghani, Secretary: From Australia, Natasha is in her eighth SBM. She earned her nursing degree with honors from the University of Tasmania and currently works with holocaust survivors and orthopedic patients. She also takes part in public health activities related to climate change and their implications for disaster management.


Heather Gallagher, Treasurer: Heather is a physician assistant (PA) in the New England area of the United States. She earned degrees from George Washington University and the University of Nebraska, and completed a pediatric PA residency at Norwalk/Yale New Haven Hospital. She is finishing e-Foundation modules, looking forward to starting SBMs.


Daliya Sari, Sergeant-at-Arms: From Sydney, Australia, Daliya earned her bachelor’s degree in medical science from the University of Western Sydney and her master’s degree in applied science (molecular biotechnology) from The University of Sydney. She currently works as a forensic biologist and is in her ninth SBM.