Created together with the definitive text, Gray’s Anatomy

Some of the most-used technologies at OUM are at the Library, ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey Student, both products of Elsevier Publishing, that provide students with textbooks and other study resources. A new Elsevier product has also launched at OUM: Complete Anatomy, an advanced 3D anatomy platform. Created in association with Gray’s Anatomy, which after more than 160 years of continuous publication remains the definitive, comprehensive reference on the subject, Complete Anatomy essentially allows users to “peel away” layers and

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  • interact with body systems in-depth
  • conduct virtual dissection of the full abdomen
  • use 3D models that correlate to radiological scans

“We are excited to be rolling out Complete Anatomy,” says Greg Beber, OUM’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). “This kind of resource keeps up our effort to be at the forefront of distance medical education,” he says, adding that the added resource does not impact the current student library fee.

(January 2022)