OUM Alumni

Giving Back & Staying Connected

For many OUM graduates, becoming a physician had been a delayed lifelong dream. Providing a flexible curriculum not often found at traditional brick-and-mortar universities meant our graduates were able to overcome distance, personal, and professional barriers to achieve their goal to practice medicine. For a number of OUM alumni, being given that opportunity keeps them fondly connected to OUM and to each other.

In 2022 a group of graduates from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Samoa, and the US established the OUM Alumni Association (OUMAA). Inaugural board members chaired the first meeting at which attendees confirmed a Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values, also brainstorming ideas for future activities.

Core Values

  1. Honesty, Integrity, and Respect — We embrace honesty, inclusivity, and equity in all that we do.
  2. Dedication to Quality and Intellectual Rigour — We strive for excellence with energy, commitment, and passion.
  3. Pursuit of Innovation — We cultivate creativity, open-mindedness, and flexibility.
  4. Accountability — Our actions reflect our Core Values.

Results from an alumni survey in early 2022 and subsequent discussions mapped ways for alumni to stay involved with their alma mater:

  • Speaking with prospective medical students
  • Supporting students through the Clinical Mentor Program
  • Guiding students through their required research project as a Research Advisor
  • Accepting an invitation to be a Meet the Graduate webinar speaker
  • Sharing one’s medical school journey as an Alumni Profile in the OUM Student Magazine or University newsletter
  • Networking with fellow alumni, current students, and faculty at the Annual Australia-New Zealand Student Conference, currently being held in Brisbane each May

OUMAA membership is open to all alumni of OUM who have graduated in good standing and who uphold the group’s Core Values.

For information regarding free OUMAA membership and upcoming meetings, please contact oumaa@oum.edu.ws.

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