Australian Clinical Rotation Overview

The following information was outlined by Professor Hugh Bartholomeusz, Dean for Australia, at the Dean’s Forum meeting with students on 1 October 2020:

First Considerations

Have a think about:

  1. Where would you like to do your Core Rotations?
  2. Where would you like to do your Elective Rotations?

Have you heard about a good placement site?

If you know family, friends, or fellow classmates that have had a positive experience at a particular rotation site, tell us. We will gladly work with you to get something arranged. With some caveats . . . see Academic/Clinical Requirements below.

Academic/Clinical Requirements

Surgery Clerkship:

The 12-week Surgery core rotation should incorporate at least six weeks of wide-ranging general surgery with a supervisor who performs all aspects of surgery. These opportunities are available in Australia’s outer metropolitan areas, the rural sector, and in Samoa and India (see below).

For example, four weeks of Plastic Surgery would be a good choice added to the six weeks of General Surgery. During this training you are taught basic surgical principles, how to suture, how to think surgically, wound care, and treating burns, together with all other aspects of Plastic Surgery.

To round out the twelve-week core rotation, particularly in these COVID restrictive times, it would be acceptable to include two weeks in surgical specialties like Neurosurgery, ENT, or Ophthalmology.

Internal Medicine Clerkship:

Likewise, the 12-week Internal Medicine core rotation should incorporate at least six weeks of general, acute Internal Medicine, perhaps incorporating time in the subspecialties like Cardiology, Rheumatology, or Endocrinology for the remaining six weeks.

Students are also encouraged to spend time learning from more than one physician during the 12-week Internal Medicine rotation, which may be accomplished when adding time in the subspecialties. This provides a more well-rounded, broad learning experience.

Both of these important Core Clerkships may be completed in metropolitan areas, as well as Australia’s rural sector, in Samoa, and in India (see below). The securing of additional rotation sites/cities is actively being negotiated and will be ongoing.

Overseas Rotation Sites

Once international borders open again, we will restore and formalize existing relationships:

  • Christian Medical College, Vellore, India

And of course:

  • TTM Hospital, Apia, Samoa

(Four-weeks are required, though many students spend considerably more time in Samoa.)

Domestic Rotation Sites

Currently in negotiation:

Ramsay Health Care

The Ramsay CEO has approved for OUM students to be placed in all 73 of the system’s hospitals in Australia, BUT we must speak with each facility. Professor Bartholomeusz has contacted the placement coordinator in Melbourne and provided the appropriate paperwork which is currently undergoing legal review. Hopefully, we will receive a finalized agreement in the near future and we will be able to begin posting students centrally.

University Elective Placements

OUM students have used these placements extensively. While they are not currently an option due to COVID, we are looking at entering into more strategic partnerships. Therefore, students may apply for those electives once they are again available.