Serious looking man with short brown hair, goatie, and light blue long sleeve shirt
Feargal Geraghty, PT, MSc, MD
Pre-Clinical Faculty and Academic Advisor
Dr. Geraghty is completing a Fellowship in Trauma Surgery Critical Care at HCA Kendall Hospital in Miami, Florida, US. He also completed his Surgical Residency at HCA Kendall and is currently President of HCA East Florida's Executive Resident Council Board. A native of Ireland, Dr. Geraghty earned undergraduate degrees in Physical Therapy and Sport Science/Sport Injury Rehabilitation in the United Kingdom and his MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine from the National University of Ireland. Upon relocating to the US where he became a practicing Licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, he earned his MD from Oceania University of Medicine. Since 2008, Dr. Geraghty has been Owner and Director of Therapy at Thera-Fitness Ltd in Galway, Ireland.