OUM Welcomes Dr. Khrystal Boone-Robinson to University Leadership


OUM appointed Khrystal Boone-Robinson, MD as its new Dean for North America. Dr. Boone-Robinson has been on the University faculty for seven years in numerous capacities, as an Academic Advisor and Mini-Case Facilitator, among others.

Khrystal Boone-Robinson, MD

“As an advisor, I have come to appreciate and care for our students deeply,” says Dr. Boone-Robinson. I have guided many through their week-to-week challenges and been in the classroom coaching and teaching them the intricacies of medical science. With my new promotion, I know and understand the responsibility to create an environment where students can feel respected and genuinely cared for.”

“Dean Boone-Robinson’s OUM knowledge, together with her academic expertise and clinical experience, have been allowing her to seamlessly transition into this new and very important role for our North American students,” says Professor Hugh Bartholomeusz, OAM, RFD, MBBS, FRACS, Vice Chancellor.

One of the new dean’s first tasks and goals is to reimagine the North American office.

“The medical system in North America is unique in that we are in dire need of physicians, yet it remains the most competitive and challenging system to navigate, especially for foreign graduates. One of the keys to tackling this system is making sure we are going above the basic requirements,” she says. Her vision in doing so is to lead with four pillars in mind:

One — Creating a program in which all graduates in the USMLE Pathway qualify for ECFMG certification and residency.

Two — Ensuring there are programs to help students achieve this, such as implementation of the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 Prep Courses and NBME.

Three — Strengthening North American clinical relationships.

Four — “And most importantly,” says Dr. Boone-Robinson. “We must operate as a team. We can be successful only when we work together. I want all students to know and feel that they are seen and heard. I hear and see you. Let’s work together.”

In addition to her MD, the dean earned a Master of Science in Health Informatics Management from the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine in Tampa, Florida and she has extensive experience with electronic medical records systems/telemedicine, e-learning technologies, and database analytics. She was most recently Chief Medical Information Officer at Pemiscot Memorial Hospital System in Missouri (US) and has been an active clinician at ten rural health centers and two urgent care centers within Pemiscot’s health network. She earned her medical degree from American University of Antigua College of Medicine, St. Johns, Antigua.

Dr. Boone-Robinson may be reached at

(February 2022)