Prospective students save tuition fees with July 2020 start date

Effective January 2021, the e-Foundation 100 Series modules in the Basic Science Track will be expanded from four to six weeks. This track is recommended for students who wish to practice in the USA and need additional exposure to basic sciences to prepare for USMLE.

With the additional weeks and daily lectures expanded from 1.5 to 2 hours, total faculty contact hours for each module in the e-Foundation 100 Series will double to 48 hours. This new structure will double students’ exposure to the material while at the same time reducing the amount of course material that must be independently learned.

“We are hopeful the additional lecture time will allow faculty to devote more time to difficult concepts, covering the complete textbooks live,” says Vice Chancellor Randell Brown, PhD. “Presently, a number of chapters are not covered during the lectures because of time constraints. Given the USMLE’s focus on basic sciences, it was determined that the Basic Science Track students could not rely on self-learning for this key material.”

Lock in lower tuition rates in July 2020 term

The increased e-Foundation 100 lecture time raises the total cost of the program by $22,500, to $150,000 for students who enroll in January 2021 and beyond. The six-week e-Foundation 100 Series fees will go from $2,500 to $5,000 per module for new students after January 2021.

Since the six-week e-Foundation Series 100s do not begin until 2021, students beginning classes in August 2020, will experience two versions of the e-Foundation 100 modules, and get a price break in the process. Students matriculating in Term 2004 (July 2020) will take four-week e-Foundation 100s from August to December 2020, and six-week e-Foundation 100 modules beginning in January 2021. These same students will not have to pay the higher six-week module price come January 2021. Like all students who enrolled prior to Term 2004, their e-Foundation 100 modules will remain $2,500. By enrolling for July 2020, they will save $22,500 in pursuit of their medical degrees.

Application deadline extended

Basic Science Track students interested in this savings option now have until March 15, 2020 to submit their application for the term beginning July 2020. Accompanying documents will be due April 1, 2020.

“While the initial reaction from some prospective students may be that they are being saddled with more work and more costs, we anticipate that at USMLE time they will appreciate the added content and preparation support we have proposed,” says Dudley.

The new 12-week Introduction to Medicine course and the expanded e-Foundation Series 100 modules, add a total of 40 weeks to the Basic Science Track, meaning the part-time program for working professionals will take a minimum of five years for those students wishing to practice in the USA.