Daria Camera, PhD appointed OUM Director of Research

OUM is pleased to announce that Daria Camera, PhD has been promoted to Director of Research. For the last two years, Dr. Camera has been Assistant Director of the University’s research program.

Dr. Daria Camera

In this new capacity, Dr. Camera will monitor and coordinate all student research activities, from serving as Course Director for the Research Methodology course and hiring/supervising all Research Advisors, to reviewing every student’s research prospectus, serving as editor of Medical Student International, and chairing the University’s Research Committee.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to be even closer to OUM’s research program as it continues to get stronger,” says Dr. Camera. “I am blown away by growing student enthusiasm for their research and can’t wait to see their results.”

Dr. Camera double-majored in Neuroscience and Pharmacology as an undergraduate at The University of Melbourne. She then spent several years as a Research Assistant at the Florey Neuroscience Institute in Melbourne, working in both the Neurodegeneration Laboratory and the Integrative Neuroscience Facility before pursuing her PhD. She earned her doctorate in Pharmacology from RMIT University in Melbourne.

“OUM’s research enterprise has flourished with Dr. Camera’s guidance and it will undoubtedly see notable growth under her leadership. She is a skilled lecturer and researcher and students hold her with extremely high regard,” says Randell Brown, PhD, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer. Dr. Brown was the University’s first Director of Research and he appointed Dr. Camera as Assistant Director as his responsibilities grew on the University’s Chancellery.

Dr. Camera joined OUM as a Pharmacology lecturer in 2017 and has also taught Molecular Biology and Genetics. She has been an Academic Advisor and Research Advisor, as well, before being appointed Assistant Director of Research in 2018.

(August 2020)