Four-Part Clinical Phase Orientation in November

Based on the success of the SBM orientation in August, a four-part orientation to clinical rotations and the clinical phase of study is set to begin during the month of November.

“There’s a lot of information that our students need to know when planning their clinical rotations, and there may have been some changes since they went through New Student Orientation,” says Chris Dudley, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Student Affairs, who has been planning the supplemental orientation sessions.

The schedule will run as follows, with the first date listed taking place on the North American side of the International Dateline and the second date noted on the Australia-New Zealand-Samoa side:

  • Wednesday, November 7/Thursday, 8 November: Introduction to the Clinical Phase.  This two-hour session will preview the clinical curriculum along with lectures, reading requirements and exams; details on what to expect during your clinical rotations; a discussion on professionalism for medical students; clinical student advising; the Final Clinical Exam; and more.
  • Wednesday, November 14/Thursday, 15 November: Samoa Rotations. Lameko, the Samoa student administration team, and OUMSA President Leigh Cattin will give students details on immigration to Samoa, accommodations and local logistics, and what to expect at TTM Hospital in Samoa or LBJ Tropical Medical Center in American Samoa in this one-hour session.
  • Monday, November 19/Tuesday, 20 November: North American Rotations.    Ghazi and the North American team will give students details on clinical rotation sites, procedures for booking rotations, housing and other details, USMLE Step 2, and more in this one-hour session.
  • Wednesday, November 28/Thursday, 29 November: Australia-New Zealand Rotations.   Meshach and Benjamin and the ANZ team will cover the procedures for booking clinical rotations in Australia, New Zealand, India, and other countries where OUM students rotate.

All sessions will be offered live at the following times on the dates listed above:

  • North America: 6:00 pm ET
  • Australia: 10:00 am Sydney time
  • New Zealand: 12:00 noon
  • Samoa: 1:00 pm

The live sessions are scheduled just prior to that day’s lectures and all will be recorded and available in Moodle’s University-Wide Meetings classroom.

“Students planning to commence their clinical rotations within the next 12 months should plan to attend the applicable sessions, though all students are welcome at any session,” Dudley says.

As the dates approach, watch the Moodle newsfeed for additional details.