Academic Board mandates one option for future students

Students enrolling at OUM in Term 1901 and beyond will have only one clinical skills training option: the Day-One Clinical Skills Course, which was first offered to new students beginning in Term 1801. Current students will continue to have options available to meet their clinical skills requirement.

“The Day-One Course has been really successful, so we are confident that future students will get a lot out of it, as well,” says Paula Diamante, MD, Director of Faculty Affairs and creator and supervisor of the Day-One Clinical Skills Course. “Seeing how well it has worked to deliver material in this format, we’re going to consolidate resources into the one course for future enrollees.”

The Academic Board voted 11-0 in July that students enrolling in Term 1901 and beyond will have neither the option of registering for the eight-week Clinical Skills Course nor the option to replace the Clinical Skills Course with the 12-week Internal Medicine core rotation in Samoa.

Three options remain for current students

For current students, the eight-week Clinical Skills Course and the option to replace the Clinical Skills Course requirement with the Internal Medicine rotation in Samoa remain available.

“It’s important for everyone to know that this move affects only future students enrolling in OUM in Term 1901 and beyond. Everyone currently enrolled, who remains in good standing, will have all the options available to them. Students who began in Term 1801 will remain in the Day-One Clinical Skills Course,” says Chris Dudley, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Student Affairs.

Please note that students not taking Internal Medicine as their first core rotation in Samoa will still be required to take the four-week hands-on Clinical Skills Course in Samoa before beginning their core rotation. This will ensure that students will have the necessary hands-on clinical skills that are expected of medical students rotating at TTM Hospital. For more information about the four-week Clinical Skills Course in Samoa, click here.

Comprised of faculty, senior leadership, students and a graduate, the Academic Board meets bi-monthly to consider academic policies for the University. All resolutions approved by the Academic Board are then ratified by the OUM Council, OUM’s governing body.