Plan ahead to avoid access issues during rotations

Thanks to a suggestion by OUMSA, as discussed during the May University-Wide Meeting, clinical students may now download recorded lectures for their core clerkships before leaving home.

“It was a simple request that has been fairly simple to accommodate,” says Chris Dudley, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Student Affairs. “In some international sites, students may find spotty or expensive Internet connections, so this should be helpful.”

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Open a Help Desk ticket requesting access to a specific clinical series;
  2. Receive a SignNow invitation to sign the download agreement;
  3. After signing, you will receive a link to a Google Drive folder that will permit downloading.

In signing the agreement, students acknowledge that the material is copyrighted and for their personal use only. The material is not to be shared, even with other OUM students, who may obtain their own copy in the same manner.

Plan ahead

Please know that there will be a delay of up to 48 hours after signing the agreement before the link is received. During this time, the videos will be processed and a unique watermark for each student will be placed on the videos in order to track them, if needed.

During rotations, the faculty advises clinical students to view the lectures, keep up with their reading assignments, and follow the learning objectives during rotations, as that material will be examined at the end of the clerkship and on the Final Clinical Exam.