OUM welcomes entering class

Twenty-eight new students entered OUM in February following a new pre-orientation session and a two-day event in Houston for North American students and a comprehensive online session for Australasian students.

OUM faculty join the US-based Class of 2022 following the White Coat Ceremony during new student orientation in January in Houston, Texas.

Of the students attending the online orientation, ten were from Australia, one from New Zealand, and three from Samoa. All 14 attending the on-site session were Americans.

Nursing was the most represented profession in the starting class with four RNs and seven nurse practitioners. Six new students came from a business or government background. Other health professions include pharmacists (4) and paramedics (2), as well as a caregiver, chiropractor, naturopathic physician, psychologist, and neurophysiology technologist.

With the new entering class entering and recent graduates leaving, OUM’s total enrollment now tops 240 students in 12 countries.