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Ahmed Muhsin, MBChB, MPH, Assistant Professor

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Ahmed Muhsin, MBChB, MPH

OUM Assistant Professor and Academic Advisor

“Interpreting the ECG Strip” 

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience one of OUM’s virtual classrooms firsthand. Dr Muhsin will showcase the type of live lectures students attend during OUM’s online pre-clinical curriculum.  Dr Muhsin will present a free sample lecture from his Cardiovascular System module and afterward, he will questions about the subject matter and what he expects from his students. As an Academic Advisor, he will give you a close-up look at this unique OUM program to support students as they earn their MD degree.

The Meet the Faculty series illustrates how students interact with faculty and with one another.

Australia/New Zealand

Thursday,  20 September  2018

10 AM (Sydney Time)

12 NOON (New Zealand Time)

1 PM (Samoa)