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Dean Davis, MD, Class of 2017

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Dean Davis, MD

OUM Class of 2017

Family Medicine Resident

Springfield, Illinois

Dr. Dean Davis enjoyed a successful career as a Physician Assistant when he decided to pursue a medical degree at OUM. Today he is completing his Family Medicine Residency at Southern Illinois University’s Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, where he says they embrace the fact that he is a non-traditional medical student.  He was recently named Resident of the Year.

Dr. Davis worked throughout his pre-clinical studies and paid as he went along. He had to take some breaks from his studies for personal  and financial reasons, but he persevered. A strong performance on the USMLE Step 1, and solid references from his rotations, got him where he is today. Join Dr. Davis for a frank discussion on what it takes to succeed in med school and learn how OUM’s innovative program suits non-traditional students.

North America

Wednesday,  6 June  2018

8 PM, ET (N.America)

5 PM, PT (N.America)