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Medical graduate with his son

Meet A Graduate: Paris Pearce, MBBS

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US and Canada: Monday, 25 July 10PM ET
Australia: Tuesday, 26 July 12PM AEST
New Zealand: Tuesday, 26 July 2PM NZST
Samoa: Tuesday, 26 July 3PM  GMT

OUM Zoom Webinar Event

Meet A Graduate: Paris Pearce, MBBS
GP, Queensland, Australia, OUM Class of 2016

What is the secret to managing medical school and family responsibilities?

“A supportive and patient wife! Medical school takes up a lot of your time so it is imperative that you always put aside family time,” said Dr. Paris Pearce when he was profiled as an OUM student. He and his wife had a “non-negotiable date night” every week while he was in medical school.

“Research led me to OUM and I haven’t looked back,” said Dr. Pearce, adding that “Medical school has a very heavy workload, which is why one has to be organized, especially with your time.” He will share his journey as a flight paramedic and advanced life support paramedic before enrolling in medical school. Dr. Pearce was also President of the OUM Student Association (OUMSA).

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