Three smiling medical students walking in the hospital

Meet OUM Student Ambassadors

Join Us:

North America: Thursday, 17 August, 8PM EDT
Australia: Friday, 18 August, 10AM AEST
New Zealand: 18 August, 12PM NZST
Samoa: Friday, 18 August, 1PM WST

OUM Zoom Webinar Event

We look forward to introducing you to our new 2023-2024 Student Ambassadors. They will spend the next year sharing their OUM journeys and discussing course content, our interactive classrooms, remote exams, preparing for clinical rotations, and much more with prospective and first-year students.

Student Ambassadors enjoy the opportunity to assist prospects and support colleagues during their transition to medical school. Being an Ambassador is also a great mentoring experience and leadership addition to their CV narratives. We encourage you to come meet our Student Ambassadors in August.

OUM began its Student Ambassador Program in July 2022. The students who applied for and were accepted into the program are medical students at the University and complete their one-year service in June. They look forward to meeting with prospective and first-year students to share their experiences.

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