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Nicolette McGuire, PhD


For more information, email or call 1300 665 343 (AUS) 

0800 99 01 01 (NZ)


Nicolette McGuire, PhD

Director of Academic Transition and Student Engagement

Preview the Introduction to Medicine Course 

Dr. McGuire will provide a sample lecture from OUM’s  new Introduction to Medicine Course, which all new students complete before entering the OUM MD program. The first group of students to take the 12-week course have completed the program, a helpful refresher on college science courses plus a source for useful tips and strategies for success in medical school.  Was it helpful? We asked this first class and will share the survey results during the webinar.

Australia/New Zealand

Thursday, 28 May 2021

10 AM (Sydney Time)

12 Noon (New Zealand)

1 PM (Samoa)