Students will have input

In an effort to preserve the integrity and security of course examinations, consistent with accreditation standards and the National Board of Medical Examiners, OUM is studying statistics to shrink exam windows.

With the system-based module exam period of one week and e-Foundation and end-of-rotation exam windows of nearly 70 hours, OUM faculty and administration are studying Proctortrack data to see when most students take their exams.

“Sixty to eighty percent of exams are taken within the last four hours of the exam period,” says Randell Brown, PhD, Deputy Vice Chancellor. “That will be one of the windows. The other window may be a little harder to identify, and we’re going to ask students to help.”

During February, OUM students will be surveyed about their preferences for exam periods. A short survey will be sent to all OUM student e-mail addresses, and a link will be provided on the Moodle newsfeed. The results will be tallied and compared with actual usage reports from Proctortrack.

“We are way out of standard compared to other medical schools and are at a disadvantage, for example, participating in programs through organizations such as the NBME,” says Dr. Brown. “Of course, we understand the need for flexibility with our students, but we also have to maintain standards consistent with best practices in medical education.”

It is likely that the new exam windows will go into effect in Term 1903.