First faculty survey finds high satisfaction levels 

The first ever survey of OUM faculty members revealed high levels of satisfaction and engagement from the two-thirds of the faculty who participated.

Conducted in the second half of September, the survey covered lecturers, mini-case discussion leaders, every kind of advisor, clinical course directors, committee members, and leadership.

With 42 percent from the United States, 20 percent from Australia, and others from countries ranging from Canada to New Zealand, and India, respondents were an accurate representation of OUM’s international faculty.

Proportionally, faculty length of service was also well represented with 29 percent of respondents having worked at OUM for more than five years, 35 percent from two to five years, 23 from one to two years, and 13 percent for less than a year.

On a scale with one being “strongly disagree” and five being “strongly agree,” average scores for questions ranged from 3.5 (neutral/agree) to 4.8 (strongly agree). Faculty were asked about a series of statements regarding work environment, work relationships, communication, faculty development, and compensation. Relationships and work environment were ranked highest, compensation ranked lowest.

Faculty also were asked about the library, technology support, and the OUM mission statement. All three of those topics received high marks.

Faculty responses to a sampling of questions included:

• My students and I have a good working relationship: 82 percent agreed or strongly agreed.
• At OUM, my work is valued: 96 percent agreed or strongly agreed.
• I am satisfied with the workplace culture at OUM: 87 percent agreed or strongly agreed.
• I am satisfied with my overall compensation at OUM: 70 percent agreed or strongly agreed.
• OUM provides opportunities for faculty development: 73 percent agreed or strongly agreed.

For nearly all of the questions, the split between Agree and Strongly Agree neared 50/50.

“We are heartened by the results of this survey,” says Dr. Paula Diamante, Director of Faculty Affairs. “Our colleagues have been generous with their ideas and suggestions for how we can improve our work product for OUM students.”

With the high participation rate and the quality of constructive feedback, plans are being made to survey the faculty annually during the third quarter of the year.

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