Students have three options for clinical rotations: a) complete clinical rotations at a regional accredited teaching hospital formally affiliated with OUM; or b) OUM will work with students to seek clinical rotations at an accredited teaching hospital that is geographically convenient.

In order to qualify for a reputable residency-training program, students planning to practice in the US ideally should do rotations at a teaching hospital that has postgraduate training programs (residencies/fellowships) accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). At the teaching hospital, students should work side-by-side with students from other medical schools on clinical activities established by the host hospital. During this portion of the curriculum, OUM will also provide students with case assignments and other relevant curriculum materials that support and enhance the clinical rotation. OUM cannot guarantee that a student will find clinical rotations near his/her home, but rotations are available at regional centers throughout the United States.