OUM is not an abbreviated program. The OUM MD program is a full and rigorous medical school curriculum, based largely on US and Australian medical education models. The difference is that OUM facilitates online delivery of the pre-clinical portion of the curriculum.

OUM’s unique approach enables students to complete the pre-clinical modules in online classrooms, while remaining in their own communities. The pre-clinical phase consists of the Basic Scineces and System-Based Modules. As with traditional medical schools, once OUM students successfully complete their pre-clinical modules, clinical rotations occur on site at select teaching hospitals.

The MD program offers two Pathways, and the one you choose depends upon where you plan to practice. The Standard Pathway is for students who do not intend to practice in the Unted States. The USMLE (United States Medical LIcesning Exam) Pathway, with a heavy emphasis on the Basic Sciences, is for students who intend to practice in the United States and must pass the USMLE.