Information in this section is effective 1 January 2023. For tuition information prior to 2023, refer to the Student Handbook. 

Tuition for the MD Program is dependent upon the pathway taken by the student. Students undertaking the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Pathway are expected to complete the program in four-and-a-half years (no longer than five years). Students undertaking the Standard Pathway are expected to complete the program in four years (no longer than four-and-a-half years). Students who plan to practice in the US must take the USMLE Pathway.

Effective January 2023, tuition for the Standard Pathway will be $43,000 per annum for four years (8 semesters). Tuition for the USMLE Pathway will be $39,000 per annum for four-and-a-half years (9 semesters). The total amount paid by all students is approximately the same. (Standard Pathway students pay more per annum as they are paying over a shorter period of time than USMLE Pathway students.) These fees are subject to an annual indexation (inflationary adjustment reflecting Consumer Price Index changes). The yearly CPI, as published in July, will be used and the new fee will be set in August for the next year beginning 1 January. Students in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Samoa pay fees in their local currency. Students from outside these countries, including the United States, pay fees in USD.