Orientation sessions introduce 25 new students to OUM

OUM’s newest entering class includes a nice mix of clinical practitioners, medical technicians, researchers, and professionals from the business management side of health care.

The University has added four nurses, four nurse practitioners, and three physician assistants to the student body. The new class also includes two each of physiotherapists and pharmacists, as well as an accountant, audiologist, engineer, paramedic, and sports trainer.

Thirteen of the new class of 25 live in Australia, five are American, four are from OUM’s home in Samoa, with two from New Zealand and one from Poland rounding out the freshman class. The class represents 12 birth countries and collectively speaks eight languages, continuing to reflect the University’s diversity.

This entering class is slightly younger than recent classes, averaging 33 years of age and ranging from 21 to 53 years old.

The four Post-Bac students, who started their coursework in January, met in December at a pre-orientation session to introduce them to OUM and its technology. An online session in mid-January brought the Australasian students up to speed, and a two-day on-site session in Houston, Texas, welcomed the American students and their families.

(March 2020)