Walk-through tech support videos available, ready to expand

We hear talk of q-banks a lot regarding test prep, but we also have a video bank at OUM. While they were discussed during student orientation, it’s good to be reminded about the IT walk-through videos in Moodle, together with other tech support, that are available to provide 24/7 “how-to” resources for our global community’s different time zones.

“Originally, when we noticed that a particular topic was raising questions and prompting more inquiries than others, we would post written instructions and screen shots for students to access whenever they needed IT assistance, regardless of the time zone or time of day,” says Greg Beber, OUM’s Chief Information Officer and IT director. “On one occasion I used screen recording software for a student who needed some extra assistance. The feedback was very positive, so I began to create a bank of a/v resources that provide a more active depiction of the user experience across the various IT platforms in use at OUM,” he adds.

Current IT walk-through videos – accessible on the Moodle frontpage through the “Technology Video Walk-Throughs” icon – include topics related to eOUM, courses, lectures, exams, Clinical Key, and more. While video bank topics are presently of most benefit to students, faculty, or staff somewhat new to OUM, the IT staff is very open to addressing any tech issue from anyone.

Happy to expand on IT videos

Feedback from the walk-through videos has been positive, says Beber, and he is willing to produce more as needed. “If there is an IT issue that you or your classmates have struggled with, that you think a video walk-through could help resolve, please put in your request through the Help Desk. We are very happy to do whatever we can to make sure use of technology is never a barrier to learning at OUM.”

Videos supplement Knowledge Base

In tandem with the videos, the OUM Help Desk also provides a Knowledge Base of print articles and helpful website links for users to access. Topics range from Proctortrack and Blackboard assistance to Clinical Key access and email questions.

Especially with the recent rollout of Single Sign-On, it is now easier than ever for students to access the Help Desk. “In addition to simplifying logins across Moodle, eOUM, and Gmail, SSO has also made it easier for students to access the Help Desk and track their support requests,” says Beber.

“Before Single Sign-On, the easiest way to open a ticket was by emailing If students wanted to log in to the Help Desk to track ticket status, view history, or open a new ticket, it meant managing yet another username and password. While emailing support still works to open a ticket, Single Sign-On means getting to the Help Desk is now as easy as clicking a link from Moodle or eOUM.”

Of course, there are still times when one-on-one is the best way to resolve an ongoing or very specific tech issue. In those instances, screen-sharing sessions may be set up with IT by putting in a help desk ticket and downloading the OUM Teamviewer App to begin the process.

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