Chicago affiliations offer rotations and more

OUM’s relationship with Jackson Park Hospital (JPH) in Chicago is proving to be beneficial to students on multiple levels. Perhaps of most significance, Jackson Park rotations are available to all OUM students, both US residents and international students.

“I can assure you from my personal observations that Jackson Park is very friendly toward international medical graduates,” says Dr. Sarmad Ghazi, OUM Dean for North America.

“Since JPH is a busy hospital in a major metropolitan city, students will be exposed to a broad range of diagnoses, the curriculum is well structured,  and they will have the chance to work with residents, attendings, and students from other schools who are also rotating at JPH, ”said Dr. Ghazi.

OUM clinical students who complete rotations at Jackson Park also have access to the courses and facilities of the Chicago Medical Training Center (CMTC), located a few blocks from the hospital. Through Becker Professional Education, CMTC provides clinical skills training, USMLE prep courses, and OSCE preparation. In addition to state-of-the-art medical education facilities, OUM students also benefit from assistance with housing and visa paperwork.

Variety, Diversity

“One of the things I especially liked was that most of the attendings at Jackson Park really enjoy teaching and they are sincerely there to help and support the medical students and residents,” says Wendy Chen, MD, OUM Class of 2017, now a first-year Internal Medicine resident at Mercy Hospital of Chicago. “I was also pleasantly surprised at the variety of cases we saw. I wasn’t expecting to have patients presenting with so many different symptoms and conditions, things I had previously only read about in books.”

OUM students who have rotated at JPH have had very positive experiences, from onboarding and pre-rotation documentation, to help they received finding housing.  The experience of working side-by-side with clinical students from other medical schools has also been very valuable.

“I completed my clinical skills course at Chicago Medical Training Center, then began my first rotation with students from Ireland, the Caribbean, and other US medical schools,” says Terri Brewis, OUM third-year student currently completing her Pediatrics rotation at Jackson Park. “I was fortunate to make a site visit to Chicago a few weeks before beginning my course and rotation. I was able to find housing right next to the hospital,” she added.

“We work very hard to assure student success and now Jackson Park and the Chicago Medical Training Center are big contributors to our efforts,” says Dr. Ghazi.