Make the most of all resources and ask for help when you need it

Each year in the Annual Student Survey, the library staff also contributes questions so they may remain diligent in meeting student needs. The library staff – Else Talbot and Katie Sullivan – takes your responses very seriously and values the opportunity to address your needs and opinions.

“Together with faculty and administration, we are here to support your education. We also appreciate the time it takes to share your thoughtful answers in the survey, considering how busy you are,” says Else Talbot, OUM’s eLibrarian.

Both Else and Katie were pleased to learn that over 70 percent of students use ClinicalKey, largely on a weekly basis.

“But we intend to raise that statistic so that 90 percent of students are benefitting from ClinicalKey during the next few years,” says Katie. In order to improve utilization and engagement with ClinicalKey, Greg Beber, OUM’s CIO, created a new script that shows instructors how to integrate direct links to ClinicalKey resources within their class Moodle pages, she adds.

Other student requests from the survey included:

  • Acquiring additional – specific – resources
  • Expanding library services
  • Expanding student training

“We are currently looking into resources that were suggested in the survey,” says Katie. “We are also looking into the services and student training that would be the most beneficial and impact the most students.”

Are there textbooks you use often?

If your answer is YES, add them to your personal bookshelf — open them in the ClinicalKey app which you can download to Windows or Mac-based computers, as well as Apple and Android based mobile devices. Then you can

  • jump chapters
  • highlight text
  • custom format
  • cite
  • copy the URL
  • create flashcards
  • EVEN have the book read to you aloud

The desktop app will also allow you to download a book so you can access it for 365 days, even if you are offline.

Contact the library staff for assistance setting up your personal bookshelf.