Tapping into local libraries

As libraries begin reopening in communities, OUM has encouraged students to use them for completing research, if they are comfortable doing so. Adding an additional study space beyond the home and work settings allows them to focus on coursework with minimal distractions.

“Perhaps the best resource to look into is a medical library which may be associated with someone’s employment or, for clinical students, at the teaching hospital where they are completing rotations,” says Katie Sullivan, OUM’s Associate Librarian. “While there may be different privilege levels based on someone’s position, most institutions allow for non-physician staff and current medical students to use their libraries,” she adds.

As some libraries require a letter of affiliation to use their services, OUM’s library staff provides an introduction letter — they also advise students that while some libraries may charge a fee for computer usage or other technology resources, most will not charge visitors to use their facility as study space.

(July 2021)