In new schedule, everyone enrolls in same System-Based Module

As the first step towards creating a lockstep schedule for the System-Based Module (SBM) phase of the OUM curriculum, students taking their first SBM in Term 2106 will be assigned an SBM.

Term 2106 begins 18/19 October. Registration for Term 2106 begins 25/26 September.

Students currently enrolled in an SBM will continue as usual. These students will choose from CVS, END, or GIS for Term 2106. The new scheduling will be phased in to ensure students currently in the SBM phase can complete the necessary systems and fill in any necessary gaps. For Term 2201, students enrolling in their second SBM will be assigned a module, and all other students enrolled in SBMs will have the opportunity to choose from two options, not three.

“Within the next five or six terms, everyone should be streamlined into one uniform SBM schedule so that only one system is being offered and students in the same cohort proceed through the program in lockstep with one another,” says Dr. Paula Diamante, Director of Pre-Clinical Education and Faculty. “Since it is important for students to understand how the systems are inter-related, when all students are at the same place in the program they can support one another as they progress through the systems together.”

Many online programs use this uniform scheduling, and she does not expect it to interfere with OUM’s flexible and unique approach, Dr. Diamante says.

“The only change is that students will be assigned an SBM rather than being able to choose from a list of three,” says Dr. Diamante. “Of course, there will be a few students who will need an async course from time to time, if they choose to take a module off or fall behind for any reason. That option will remain available to students in need, on a case-by-case basis.”

(August 2021)