Gain a Glimpse Into the Medical School Journey at Our Monthly Recruitment Webinars 

Learning something first-hand, from those who have lived through an experience, always provides valuable perspective. That is why attendance at OUM recruitment webinars has grown three-fold of late. Now held monthly, the next two on the calendar include:

Thursday/Friday, 4/5 MayMeet Our Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors network with first-year and prospective students to answer questions, provide support, and help them transition to the rigors of medical school. In a joint project between the University and the OUM Student Association, ambassadors gain valuable mentoring and leadership experience as they help their peers, ultimately enhancing their CV narrative and career prospects. Just completing the program’s first year, OUM’s Student Ambassadors will share the common questions and circumstances they have helped solve, as well as details regarding their own medical school journeys. 

Thursday/Friday, 15/16 June — Meet Our Canadian Staff and Faculty 

Calling out to our prospective students in Canada — Are you considering a career in medicine and curious about the medical school opportunity OUM can provide? In this interactive session, meet

  • Nicolette McGuire, PhD, Associate Dean, Student Engagement, and Associate Director of Pre-Clinical Education and Faculty 
  • Tom Harkness, Associate Director of Admissions 

Both Canadian residents, Dr. McGuire and Tom are knowledgeable — and deeply concerned — about Canada’s long-standing physician shortage and are confident that OUM’s unique curriculum will be able to help. They also are familiar with the requirements of many provincial regulatory authorities and their respective pathways to licensure.

To reserve your place in either or both of these webinars, visit to register.

(April 2023)