OUM’s First Associate Director for Student Advising

Oceania University of Medicine has appointed Ahmed Muhsin, MBChB, MPH as the University’s first Associate Director for Student Advising.

Dr. Muhsin will work with the Director of Faculty Affairs to provide leadership and oversight to OUM’s comprehensive Student Advising Program which has expanded from the original pre-clinical Academic Advisors to now include Research Advisors and Clinical Student Advisors. He will recruit new advisors, design and implement their orientation, and facilitate ongoing training/development activities.  Dr. Muhsin will also engage advisors in program improvement and coordinate advisor evaluations.

Dr. Muhsin will concurrently continue teaching the Cardiovascular System-Based Module, and he is a Research Advisor, Clinical Student Advisor, and a member of the Faculty Development Committee. Having passed both the AMC exam and USMLE, he is also an Academic Advisor to Australian and US students.

“I am very excited about my new role. It enables me to express my passion for student support, including guiding some in mastering the boards on two sides of the globe,” he says. “I am also getting to actively engage in many OUM committees that look after our students.” Dr. Muhsin adds that more interaction with OUM’s academic, clinical, and research advisors means they can work together to strengthen student resources and advising services.

Dr. Muhsin earned his medical degree at Almustansiriyah College of Medicine in Iraq, practiced for several years in both Baghdad and Australia, and moved to the US where he earned his Master of Public Health at Texas A&M University. In addition to his OUM responsibilities, he is a PhD candidate in Immunology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.