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Managing the First Year:
OUM Student Leaders Offer Advice

OUM's cohort of new medical students went through Orientation Week in July. While they gained a lot of advice from University leadership — from the University's founder to the Vice Chancellor, and regional Deans — student leaders got right down to business in sharing their keys to success with the ...


Complete Anatomy: This 3D Learning Platform is a Fan Favorite

Some of the most-used technologies at OUM are at the Library — ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey Student, both products of Elsevier Publishing, that provide students with textbooks and other study resources. Another Elsevier product launched at OUM in early 2022 and has become a student body favorite: Complete Anatomy, an advanced ...


Medical School Accreditation: It matters. But, why?

Getting into medical school is competitive. Period. Year after year, many countries have more applications submitted to their medical schools than they have slots available.   As a result, many prospective medical students apply to and attend medical schools in another country. There are many fine medical schools throughout the world, ...


Invaluable Skill: Resource-limited areas rely on focused history & physical

"Technology is not a replacement for history-taking in reaching a patient diagnosis," says Clinical Associate Professor Viali Lameko, MBBS, MIPH, PhD Candidate, Dean for Samoa and the South Pacific at Oceania University of Medicine. “Every physician would agree that history-taking is the most important part of clinical assessment and ...


Rural Canada’s Physician Shortage:
OUM’s focus on rural medicine may help

The Canadian Medical Association detailed the country's physician shortage in a May statement, noting that Statistics Canada, the nation's statistical office, reported in 2019 that approximately 4.6 million Canadians did not have regular access to a primary care provider. Since that statement, a report on the Canadian Health Workforce Network ...

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