OUMSA closed 2017 with informative meeting

2017 was a busy and productive year for the OUM Student Association (OUMSA). At their last meeting of the year in November, officers and attendees spent a lot of time going through results of the OUMSA student survey conducted in October and November.

“These results will form the basis of student recommendations to the faculty in the coming months,” said Hilary Skimming, fourth-year student and OUMSA Vice President.

OUMSA leadership was pleased with participation in the survey. Approximately 41 percent of OUM students took part, 56 pre-clinical students and 26 clinical students.

Discussion also took place regarding Clinical Skills Courses and the differences based upon when a student enrolled. In addition to sharing the slide at right, which provided clarification, OUMSA officers also referred attendees to the Student Handbook.

Clinical Rotations in Samoa were discussed, reminding attendees that a rotation of at least four weeks is a graduation requirement. Since several OUMSA officers have completed rotations at TTM in Samoa, they shared information regarding climate, vaccinations, medical equipment, clothing, accommodation, and cost of living.

A first announcement was shared regarding officer elections that will take place in May. Anyone interested in running for a position is welcome to discuss details, responsibilities, and-or time requirements with one of the officers

“As always, you may contact any of us at OUMSA at with questions about meetings, our website, becoming an officer, course questions, etc,” said Nick Lichtenberg-McGill, third-year student and OUMSA President. “Or feel free to phone me at +61 423 137 488 (AU) or shoot me an email me at”

After the meeting, officers realized they forgot to mention the OUMSA website. They are looking for volunteers to help with further development and ongoing maintenance/updating of the student association website at

Watch Moodle for announcement of the first 2018 OUMSA meeting. All OUM students, both clinical and pre-clinical, are encouraged to attend.