Meet the Student Association’s 2019-2020 Officers

Elected in late March, these new OUM Student Association (OUMSA) officers are pleased to be working with fellow students – some for a second year – to strengthen and enrich the medical school experience.

“I have some big shoes to fill following the last couple of OUMSA presidents,” says President Tom Dalton, referring to third-year Leigh Cattin, 2018-2019 president, and Class of 2018 graduate, Dr. Nick Lichtenberg-McGill, 2017-2018 president. “I hope that with this new and dynamic executive team and input from the student body, we can continue implementing new initiatives to support the journey of all students and maintain OUM’s high standards.”

Tom Dalton – President

Tom is a third-year student from Sydney, NSW, AU, who will soon begin clinical rotations in Samoa. His background is in education and training, first as a primary school teacher and principal. He also spent ten years in the Australian Army as an Education Officer deployed to Afghanistan to work with the US-led NATO Counter Insurgency Training Centre. Tom continues to work part-time as an Army Reservist.

Marcus See – Vice President (returning officer)

Marcus is a third-year student from Brisbane, QLD, AU. His road to medical school was diverse, having worked in film & TV as a cameraman, as an event promotor in the Brisbane music scene, and most recently as a perfusion scientist for the QLD liver transplant unit. He has just started his clinical rotations in Samoa and will be there for most of this year.

Emma Broughton – Secretary (returning officer)

Emma is a third-year student from Melbourne, VIC, AU, where she lives with her fiancé and a small menagerie of animals. Now completing the system-based modules, she also works in Strategic Planning for Victoria’s Emergency Communications Agency. Emma earned her undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Melbourne and did graduate study in Adolescent Health, a long-time interest.

Paul Lam – Treasurer (returning officer)

Paul is a fourth-year MBBS student from Endeavour Hills, VIC, AU, currently completing clinical rotations. He has a very diverse background, ranging from his degree and work as an RN, to an honours degree in biochemistry, and a Master’s degree in business administration. Paul plans to operate his own medical facilities in the future.

James Seal – Sergeant at Arms

James is a second-year student from Goldsboro, NC, US. He was a medic in the U.S. Army prior to graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina as a physician assistant.  He works for University of North Carolina (UNC) Rex Healthcare and has been providing hospital medicine services at UNC Wayne Memorial Hospital since 2010.