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Have you attended any of the System-Based Module Mini-Case Discussions? 


  • Attend as many as possible. Think it’s an excellent venue to discuss issues, but I think there are too many questions and sometimes they are too high powered when we need a foundation to work from initially – there should be a little more time for general discussion of the topic initially.
  • I think the cases are helpful.
  • Love the SBM – it’s a great way to interact with fellow colleagues and in practicing medical concepts and case discussions. This is an important skill to develop and we only can benefit from it, plus half the SBM concepts covered for that week in preparation for weekly quizzes.
  • Yes, I have attended every session with Dr. Bala. They are excellent!! It is not only the preparation but also the fact we are asked questions live that really makes the information stick. I hope we continue this program. Thank you.