Research Club’s calendar is filled with notable presentations

Kudos to those who presented at Research Club since the last student newsletter. Congratulations on being one step closer to completing your requirement. Thank you to all who attended to support your colleagues. If you have not been attending, you are missing out on great presentations and ideas.

February Presentations:

  • 5/6 February: Anu Jose, “Challenges Faced by General Practitioners in Queensland and Victoria:  A Comparative Study Between Rural and Urban Environments”
  • 12/13 February: Manju Paul, “Prevalence and Risk of Polypharmacy among the Elderly Population in an Australian Residential Aged Care Facility”
  • 19/29 February: Susan Guyton, “Asthma control and medication reliance among asthmatics in a general practice setting – A questionnaire-based study”
  • 26/27 February: Kyndra Sousa, “COVID 19 Stem Cell Therapy: A Phase 1 Study of IV Administration of Allogeneic Adipose Stem Cells”

March Presentations:

  • 12/13 March: Monir Moniruzzaman, “Prescription medication usage analysis among different groups of patients in Pakenham, Australia”
  • 19/20 March: Uila Laifa-Lima, “Prevalence, causes and complications of upper gastrointestinal bleeding in Samoan patients”