October/November Prospectus Presentations

Kudos to those who have presented at Research Club. Congratulations on being one step closer to completing your requirement. Thank you to all of you who attended to support your colleagues. Well done. If you have not been attending, you are missing out on great presentations and ideas.

October presenters:

  • 2 October: Isaac Katticaran, “Incidence of metabolic syndrome from a randomly selected population and its risk factors amongst the South Asian population attending a selection of general practice clinics in Melbourne, Australia”
  • 9 October: Michel Aliani, “Effect of Choline Intake on Brain Metabolome in a Mouse Model”
  • 16 October: Patricia Fleuranceau-Morel, “Benefit of a Healthy Plant-Based Diet on Cognitive Function with aging: Analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2011-2014”
  • 30 October: Brownie Tuiasosopo, “A 5-year retrospective study on the incidence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in American Samoa”

November presenters:

  • 6 November: Naresh Davda, “Success of Anterior Shoulder Dislocation Reduction with the use of Traction-Counter Traction Technique and Intravenous Procedural Sedation with Propofol in the Emergency Room as a Pilot Study”
  • 13 November: Laura Luu, “Appropriate Use of Antibiotics for Pneumonia Treatment in the Inpatient Setting”
  • 20 November: Kimberly Lutu, “Comparative analysis of glycemic trends among CKD patients before and after the establishment of the American Samoa Chronic Kidney Disease Center”