Research Advisors


As part of the Research Program, Research Advisors are available to assist students in all aspects of their required research projects, such as:

  • Selecting a research topic and developing a research question.
  • Designing the study/project.
  • Guiding literature search.
  • Choosing the best methods for statistical analysis.
  • Reviewing the prospectus and the manuscript drafts prior to submission.


  • As students become ready to begin their research project, they first meet with the Director of Research to be assigned a Research Advisor.
  • Meetings with Research Advisors are initiated by students, as needed, when they need assistance with their project.
  • Research Advisors may recommend that students attend Research Club to hear ideas and gain a better understanding of the research process.

Research Prospectus

  • Once a student’s research prospectus has been written and reviewed by the Director of Research, it is presented to the Research Club.
  • After the presentation, the prospectus must be approved by the Research and Ethics Committees.
  • Students must have their prospectus approved before they are able to begin clinical rotations and are highly advised to get an early start on the process.

Research Project

  • Completing a research project, including writing a manuscript accepted for publication, is a graduation requirement.
  • Several resources are available to assist students in preparing for and completing their project including the Research Methodology Unit, Research Advisors, Research Club, Journal Club, Library, and the Research Committee.

*The University reserves the right to change its program offerings and policies without notice.