Message to students returning to clinical rotations during COVID-19

 As OUM students contemplate returning to their clinical rotations during the COVID-19 pandemic, they should:

  • Know that COVID-19 is a highly contagious and potentially deadly disease and limit direct patient contact whenever possible. If a student feels s/he has been exposed, s/he should immediately be tested, seek appropriate medical attention, and undergo any required quarantine procedure.
  • Use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided by the hospital or clinical facility. If sufficient PPE is not provided, the student should obtain his/her own PPE and discuss the situation with supervisors.  Students should not work in an environment where they do not feel safe.
  • Follow all policies and procedures of the clinical facility regarding safety protocols for personnel and patients.
  • Follow all municipal, state, and federal regulations concerning health and safety during the pandemic.
  • Discuss any concerns with the Clinical Student Advisor or his/her OUM regional dean.

The privilege of completing rotations during the pandemic is an excellent learning experience.  However, the health and safety of the student is paramount and should not be compromised in any way.