Recording reintroduces and prepares students for system-based modules

A lot of time elapses between New Student Orientation – when incoming first-years are introduced to OUM’s System-Based Modules (SBM) – and when they actually begin this phase of the Preclinical Curriculum. That’s why SBM Orientation was launched in August as a refresher.

“For those students nearing the SBM portion of the pre-clinical curriculum, we wanted to present a full picture of ‘what they’re in for,’ to make sure they get the most out of each module and understand how these modules highlight and contrast with other portions of the pre-clinical curriculum,” says Randell Brown, PhD, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Director of Research.

In addition to an overview of the System-Based Module content and structure, information was shared regarding:

  • Mini-Case Discussions
  • Academic Advising Support
  • Arranging Physician Mentors
  • Research Project Resources
  • Journal Club/Research Club
  • SBM Registration and Exams

As a relatively new component of the SBMs, Mini-Case structure was presented by Ahmed Muhsin, MBChB, who teaches the Cardiovascular module and leads the topic’s Mini-Case Discussions. He explained that the twice weekly Mini-Case sessions supplement the two SBM lectures held each week.

“All content continues to involve basic sciences, now as they relate to each body system,” says Dr. Muhsin. “The material starts the transition from pre-clinical to clinical years. It is an important platform to practice necessary skills, teaching questioning and how to ask the 5 W’s and the H every time.”

He added that “student involvement” provides the difference between SBM lectures and Mini-Case discussions.

“While students learn with and from each other, discussion facilitators pull threads of conversation together,” said Dr. Muhsin, adding that talking points assure that the clinical manifestations and basic science information related to each condition are addressed.

While the SBM Orientation session closed on time after one hour, an “overtime” session was presented for those who want/need to be aware of OUM’s resources for USMLE Step 1 preparation, should they need to cross that hurdle prior to starting clinical rotations and the clinical curriculum.

Those who were unable to attend the August session are encouraged to listen to the SBM Orientation recording found here.