Students are steadfast about the importance of a strong support system

It has become a common denominator for those who successfully master medical school at Oceania University of Medicine: having a strong support system at home is vital to one’s success. Four students/graduates share their thoughts about the importance of having a support system in place when you start medical school and throughout.

Preston Harris, Second-Year Student

“You need to be sure that, without a doubt, this is what you want. Because it’s hard. Not just for you, but for the people around you. You must have a support system and realize that you are going to need them. Don’t try to ‘lone wolf it.’”


Bernard Hannemann, MD, Class of 2017

“Not many partners were willing to support a mid-life crisis adventure to study medicine – and still seem to enjoy the journey, as Ana did,” he says of his wife. “Especially when I left a good senior position as an engineer. We went into this career change together. It was a big risk and sacrifice. But it has worked out well. I definitely couldn’t have done it without her.”

Marika Stubbs, MD, Class of 2018

“It is important to involve your family and support network in the process because they are going to come along with you. They will be the ones seeing you at the kitchen table struggling over something at 3:00 am so they need to understand the importance of putting in the study time.”

Brent Meredith, Fourth-Year Student

“My wife has always been behind me 100 percent. If you don’t have the support of your significant other, I truly believe you need to rethink your interest in medical school,” says Brent, pictured left with his wife, Shaunna.