In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

See what current students are saying about their OUM experience.

OUM Student Kereng-Modise
“OUM re-ignited my passion for medicine. I am now doing my system-based modules and I have managed to juggle my small business, a young family, and my studies. I do burn the midnight oil, but for me the flexibility is what has allowed this to be possible. OUM recognizes the need for flexibility for late bloomers like myself, and in this way is affording me and my colleagues a chance at achieving this dream.”

Kereng Modise, OUM-Pre-Clinical Student, Australia
“I loved being part of the mini-case discussions during system-based modules. It gives you the opportunity to teach others what you found during your research and studies but also allows you to learn from your peers about their findings. It’s a great learning environment”

Walter Chukwunonso Ikealumba, OUM Clinical Student, PhD CHE, BEng ME (Hons), MIEAust, MIIMarEST
middle aged asian man wearing dark blue OUM scrubs, a stethoscope around his neck, with his hands crossed in front of him smiling
“During one of the Admissions Info sessions, one of the faculty speakers said that you have to ‘choose a medical school that meets your needs.’ Being able to work part-time during the pre-clinical curriculum was a big selling point for OUM, just as it had been with my nursing program.”

Paul Lam, OUM Clinical Student, Australia

Read comments from OUM graduates regarding their time at OUM.

“My advice: enjoy the journey. Medical school is a tough but rewarding experience. Make sure you have a good support system of people around you to keep you motivated and also have interests and hobbies outside of study so you can maintain some form of work-life balance”

Vafa Lalehzari, MD, MPH, OUM Class of 2021 Australia
OUM Graduate Filipina Amosa
“I loved being part of the community outreach organized by OUM, the Samoa Rotary Club, and TTM Hospital. We conducted health screenings, medical consults, and identified high risk individuals in the villages. As students, we looked forward to putting our training into practice and being part of a good cause.”

Filipina Amosa-Lei Sam, MBBS, OUM Class of 2011 Samoa
“I appreciated OUM’s flexibility and my clinical rotations, especially learning in Samoa, which was amazing. Gaining hands-on experience in a variety of different areas in Samoa, such as assisting with surgical procedures, performing deliveries, working in emergency, pediatrics and internal medicine departments really allowed me to hone my clinical skills and facilitated my comfort level working in rural and remote settings.”

Sonja Bruin, MBBS, CCFP-EM, Family Physician, OUM Class of 2014 Manitoba, Canada