Official Transcript/Letter of Good Standing

An official transcript or letter of good standing is a certified record of the academic work completed at the Oceania University of Medicine. The transcript document lists modules and clinical rotations taken, grades received, and degrees/awards conferred. The letter of good standing lists modules taken to date and is required by clinical sites before students may begin clinical rotations. Many entities require that the transcript/letter of good standing be in a sealed envelope with a signature across the flap from the sending institution. If your transcript/letter of good standing must be sent in this manner, please indicate this at the time of the request. Official transcripts from OUM are not sent this way unless so requested.

To Request a Transcript or Letter of Good Standing

The Registrar’s Office must have a signed request form indicating both your mailing address, e-mail address, and the mailing address where the transcript/letter of good standing should be sent. Transcripts/letters of good standing are processed and sent within five business days after the request is received. Please select which document, a transcript or letter of good standing, is being requested.

Outstanding Balances

Students with an outstanding balance will not be issued an OUM transcript or letter of good standing. For balance information, please contact the Bursar’s Office at


For additional assistance with an OUM transcript or letter of good standing, please contact the Registrar To confirm that OUM has received transcripts from other institutions, please contact the Admissions Office at OUM does not provide the originals or copies of the transcripts received from other institutions.

Transcript | Letter of Good Standing Request Form