You’ve officially graduated from medical school. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! You are now a doctor. Now the real training begins. Welcome to the next part of your career journey . . . securing your post-graduate education, i.e., your internship or residency.

Apart from students intending to practice in the US, who interview for residencies a few months before graduation through the ERAS Application process, most OUM students have to then pass a licensing exam, secure internship interviews, and, ultimately, land an internship. Below is some guidance to get through that maze.


Insights from an Experienced Clinical Coordinator

Having worked with medical students and interns for many years, OUM’s Paddy Dewan . . . who also has many letters after his name . . . MBBS, BMedSc, MS, MMedSc, PhD, MD, FKCS, FRCS, FRACS, is a great resource of information for those preparing for internship interviews. Professor Dewan (pictured right) is the University’s Dean for Australia and Clinical Coordinator for VIC, SA, and TAS, positions in which he helps to manage the rotation process for students in those states.

Key Attributes for Aspiring Interns and Residents

What does Professor Dewan think are the most important considerations, including personal characteristics, when seeking post-graduate training positions?

“First and foremost, resilience, self-confidence, and an optimistic attitude are all sought-after attributes of interns and residents,” he says, sharing four additional “MUSTS:”

  1. A logical, legible CV, letters of recommendation, that all show that you have critical thinking skills: “And, be ready to describe your decision-making processes,” he says. “If you will be practicing in Australia, if you had any significant ‘gaps’ between the end of your studies, graduation, AMC 1, and your first position, be prepared to explain the reason.”
  2. Try hard to learn something specific about the facility or service you are interviewing with and figure out how to integrate this into your interview answers: “If you could link it to a personal attribute, experience, value, or goal, that is even better — perhaps a patient care philosophy if you were a healthcare provider pre-medical school,” he says.

While it may sound like common sense … keep close track of the hospitals where you will be interviewing, says Professor Dewan. He has heard interviewees telling his colleagues how much they would love to work at ABC Hospital when that is not the hospital where they are having their interview. 

Navigating the Interview Process after Medical School

  1. Remember that an interview is not an exam. If you are asked a scenario question, and don’t know a particular fact or approach, state you don’t know and then state how you would go about finding out: “Brushing up on management of simple ward-type intern-level tasks such as fluid and electrolyte management and pain management in advance of the interview is also a good idea. A great resource is an on-call type handbook,” he says.
  2. If you are unsuccessful in an application, respectfully ask how you may improve in future opportunities — and gratefully accept the feedback: “Humble, thoughtful interactions sometimes result in hospitals recommending candidates to other facilities seeking staff,” says Professor Dewan.

Incorporating Authenticity and Interpersonal Skills in Post-Graduate Interviews

Lastly, Professor Dewan says to do what you can to be yourself during an interview. “The more you can genuinely connect on a human level, the more we will see your interpersonal skills and the positive addition you would make to the staff.”

Coupled with honed interpersonal skills, you’re not just another candidate; you’re a compelling narrative in motion. As you step into the interview room, remember that it’s not just about ticking off skills and achievements; it’s about showcasing your unique blend of personality, passion, and professionalism. So, make use of the above insights,  and walk into your post-graduate interview with confidence.

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