Watch Moodle for month-end announcements

The Oceania University of Medicine Student Association (OUMSA) typically meets over the last weekend of each month.

“While we aim for that last weekend of the month, we know everyone is busy, so if we don’t have anything gritty to discuss, we will plan to meet the following month,” says OUMSA President Leigh Cattin, who encourages fellow classmates to watch Moodle for meeting announcements.

At the September meeting, a primary topic was brainstorming program ideas for the Melbourne Student Conference coming up in March 2019 (see Save the Date above.) OUMSA officers say they have a couple of projects in the works which they look forward to sharing in the near future.

Formed by students in early 2014, OUMSA is a chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), one of the largest medical student organizations in the world, including over 70 international medical schools with chartered chapters.

All OUM students are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings, even if you have not yet joined. Joining AMSA/OUMSA is a one-time payment of US$75 which provides membership in both organizations throughout the entirety of one’s medical education. For more information or to join, visit www.amsa.org or www.oumsaglobal.org.