Recent Trips to Samoa and New Zealand 

In recent months, Vice Chancellor Athol Mackay visited OUM’s home country of Samoa and our primary teaching institution, Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital (TTM), as well as potential clinical sites in New Zealand. Most importantly, he had the honor and pleasure of getting together with many OUM students he had yet to meet since becoming Vice Chancellor at the beginning of the year.

During his February trip to Samoa with Carmel Sang, OUM’s Chief Operating Officer, Professor Mackay visited TTM Hospital, met with the Ministry of Health which was instrumental in OUM’s original founding, and spent time with many OUM students and graduates. 

Traveling to Auckland in March, Professor Mackay was accompanied by Heather Moore, Clinical Placements Coordinator, and met with New Zealand physicians to discuss clinical placement opportunities in the region. Most of the pre-clinical students he met also were meeting each other for the first time and enjoyed getting to know one another, sharing concerns, and discussing the New Zealand student experience.

The Vice Chancellor, seated, front, with OUM students
Samoa March 2023

The Vice Chancellor, seated, front, with OUM students.

(April 2023)