Meet US Graduate: Robert Duprey, MD

December 12, 2022

55 min.

Stressing the need to find balance during medical school

Now a first-year psychiatry resident in suburban Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, US), as a medical student, Dr. Duprey shared in an OUM newsletter story the importance of striving for work/life balance. The father of three, he was also an advocate for “honest talk with kids,” explaining to them that “daddy’s work is his school right now.”

“I set up a desk for my eight-year-old in my home office and he did his homework when I was ‘in class’ or studying. We were, in essence, studying together. Your time with kids comes down to quality, not quantity,” he said, adding that sometimes that meant making breakfast for the kids at 6:45 am and driving them to school, even when you had studied until 1:00 am.

Becoming an OUM medical student following a successful 25-year military career, hear more about Dr. Duprey’s time as a medical student, how he progressed through clinical rotations, and into residency.