Meet the Deans for Australia

March 14, 2024

1 hr.

The Australian market is currently OUM’s busiest. To accommodate that growth, OUM has added an impressive group of faculty members to assure that our students in those countries are well supported:

Professor Paddy Dewan, OUM’s Dean for Australia, joined the University in 2021 as a Clinical Professor and Clinical Coordinator, helping students arrange their clinical rotations in Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania. While continuing to secure clinical placements for students in his new role as Dean, he has also begun a new weekly surgical webinar for students while continuing his busy pediatric urology practice and traveling extensively with his non-profit organization, Kind Cuts for Kids, which provides specialty medical/surgical care to children in developing countries and others, worldwide.

Dr. David Mountford joined OUM as Associate Dean for Australia in 2021, bringing with him a wealth of experience designing programming for Australian Medical Council Examination preparation. Those specialty skills led him to introduce a fee-free OSCE Prep Course at OUM prior to the OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Exam), a student’s final medical school assessment. While his early clinical interest was in Spinal Injury Medicine and Cardiology, Dr. Mountford’s concern for Australia’s shortage of GPs led him to General Practice.

Join us to hear about the role Drs. Dewan and Mountford play in preparing physicians to practice in Australia.