Why OUM?

World-Class Learning and Committed Faculty

  • Hybrid curriculum developed by industry experts
  • Global network of teaching hospitals and clinics that provide hands-on clinical training

  • Integrated community-based, patient-centered learning
  • Experienced clinicians and published researchers focused on student success
  • Unmatched student advisory support from year one through graduation with Student Success Advisors, Research Advisors, and Student Ambassadors.

Seasoned Non-Traditional Students

  • Students’ average age is 39 years old

  • 42% hold Master’s degrees, 8% hold Doctorates

  • Impressive pre-medical school careers from nurses, paramedics, and physician assistants to pharmacists, laboratory technicians, and assorted business professionals
  • Knowledgeable peers, many with 20+ years of healthcare experience, bring valuable life experience and insight

What makes OUM different?

Tailored Solution

The OUM Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program helps aspiring medical practitioners around the globe (currently from 55 countries) overcome distance, personal, and professional barriers to achieve their dream — earning their MD degree and practicing medicine.

Ready To Start Your Journey To Becoming A Doctor?