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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the MD Program is dependent upon the pathway taken by the student. Students undertaking the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Pathway must complete the program in 4.5 to 5 years. Students who plan to practice in the US must take the USMLE Pathway. Students undertaking the Standard Pathway must complete the program in 4 to 4.5 years (AUS/NZ).

The fees are subject to an annual indexation (inflationary adjustment reflecting Consumer Price Index changes). The yearly CPI published in July will be used and the new fee will be set in August for the next calendar year (1 January).

Students pay fees in their local currency (i.e. AUD, CAD, NZD, SAT, or USD).

In 2023 first-year tuition is the same for both pathways: $42,000 + $1,000 fees. The total program cost, over 4 or 4.5 years, is $168,000 in 2023. This amount will be adjusted by CPI annually. Therefore, it is estimated that Standard Pathway students completing the program in 4 years will pay approximately $180,000 over the duration of the program. For USMLE Pathway students it is expected to be approximately $183,000, which reflects the longer timeframe for payment and higher CPI each year.

Tuition is calculated based on credit points. From January 2023 students starting the MD Program will earn credits for the units of tuition completed. All students will be required to successfully complete 182 credit points to graduate, made up of 102 Foundation (pre-clinical) and 80 clinical credit points. Pre-clinical tuition credits are $1,050 per credit point, and Clinical tuition credits are $762.50 per credit point.

Prior to commencing their first semester, students will be required to pay the Intake Payment Fee of $10,000, which will be deducted from the first year’s tuition fee. Students will also be required to pay a $1,000 annual fee for ClinicalKey and exam proctoring.

Tuition Options

  1. Purchase all credits up front (Paid in Full)
  2. Purchase credits prior to each unit commencing (Pay As You Go [PAYG])
  3. Monthly payment plan to purchase the annual credit points required for the duration of the current year (Monthly)

Credit points must be purchased prior to commencement of the unit except for students electing monthly whose payments for the year will be spread over the remaining months for the calendar year. The monthly plan has a 2% admin fee.

Students are able to change between PAYG and monthly payment plans. Students changing payment plans must have enough credits paid for their next unit.

Students are able to purchase credits in one year for use in subsequent years to lock in the current year’s price.

Failed units will require the purchase of additional credit points to resit the unit.

There is an annual fee to give you access to ClinicalKey, an interactive professional library resource, and for Exam Proctor fee. In 2023 that fee is $1,000 payable prior to 1 January 2023. Students may be charged fees by hospitals/clinics when undertaking clinical rotations depending on the region. In the event of a late payment there will be a Late Fee of $25 per occurrence. For further information, students should contact the Finance Manager at

Tuition payments will be refunded in the case of withdrawal from the program but will be subject to an Administrative Fee as follows:

If a student withdraws:

  • Prior to the start of Orientation, there will be a full refund and no Administrative Fee.
  • Prior to the start of the General Principles Course (GPC), there will be a $1,000 Administrative Fee.
  • Unused prepaid credits will be refunded at 75% of the purchase cost on withdrawal from the MD program.

Application Fees are not refundable and may not be applied to cover other fees. Tuition payments are refunded pro-rata only in the event of withdrawal/dismissal. For further information, students should contact the Finance Manager at

“Canadian students” refers to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and those eligible to become permanent residents. For further information about status in Canada, please refer to the Government of Canada website.

Canadian students are able to apply for and receive student financial aid from their province’s/territory’s student financial aid authority. This authority will provide access to provincial, territorial, and federal grants and loans based on each Canadian student’s financial need. Further information and application forms may be found on your provincial or territorial financial aid program’s website. Some provinces/territories may require additional information from OUM to complete your application.

All students planning to practice in the US will follow the USMLE Pathway.

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